JobsPlus Employee Eligibility

JobsPlus is an incentive from the Department of Social Protection to encourage and reward employers who offer employment opportunities to those who are unemployed.

The JobsPlus Scheme is co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Union for participants aged under 30 years under the European Social Fund (ESF+) Programme 2021-2027.

Since January 2023, the higher rate of JobsPlus grant is paid to an employer who recruits a jobseeker who is a Traveller, or of Roma ethnicity. The higher rate of JobsPlus grant is also paid to an employer who recruits a jobseeker who has a recent criminal record or a history of addiction (within previous 5 years). If you consider you may be eligible for the higher level of grant, please submit the form below and contact to provide information to support your application. Any information provided will be treated confidentially. Please refer to the JobsPlus guidelines for further information, here.

If you are a Jobseeker and you want to check your eligibility for JobsPlus, please fill out the form below.

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